Exercise is Essential for Your Skin

       by Samantha D'Ascoli

As most of you may know, exercise is beneficial to your overall health. So, it should come as no surprise that it can provide many benefits to your skin.
Exercise is good for your skin
Exercising helps with circulation throughout the body and healthy circulation directly affects your skin. The healthier your circulation often means the more vibrant your skin will look.

Exercising increases blood flow rich in nutrition. When this happens, skin cells become flooded with healthy circulation. This added circulation combined with sweating through your pores flushes debris out of the skin expelling trapped dirt and oil. In fact, many say, working up a sweat is compared to getting a mini-facial. Just make sure you wash your face after working out, if you don’t, you can be more susceptible to a breakout.

Best of all working out muscles every day helps increase collagen cell production. Why? Because, weight training helps stimulate the production of growth hormones, helping to increase your natural production of collagen that your body uses for repairing joints as well as food for your skin. Thus, producing more collagen is good for your skin and hopefully translates into keeping wrinkles from forming. BE-GONE WRINKLES!!

Exercise is also one of the biggest stress relievers. A decrease in stress can cause improvement in skin conditions that are activated by stress, such as; acne and eczema.

Exercising can help one gain confidence. Not only will you feel better because of how healthy regular exercise is for your body, but your skin and overall appearance will look better. When you look and feel better about yourself, your confidence grows which makes your overall attitude towards life more positive. Keep Exercising!!

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