Bags We Hate to Carry

       by Michele Rolla

Say Goodbye to Under Eye Bags
Remove eye bags
Think about it. Whether you’re male or female, you carry bags. More likely than not, you don’t like it. Who really looks forward to carrying an overloaded and smelly garbage bag? Who enjoys stuffing and carrying lawn and leaf bags? Most of all, who is overjoyed by carrying their under-eye bags?

Under-eye bags, a tell-tale sign of many things. Mostly unpleasant. Number one thought about someone with under eye bags? Old age. Yet, aging may not always be the cause, and there’s nothing wrong with growing old. It should be embraced. However, maybe you are a new parent and the middle of the night feedings have left you with puffy eyes. Maybe, you are someone with a very demanding career and the long days and nights in the office have left their marks under your eyes. Or, maybe you’re just enjoying life. Traveling and partying all the time and it shows, under your eyes. There are so many reasons, other than old age, that you may be experiencing under-eye bags. Bottom line, whatever the reason is, an onlooker is going to think you have aged. And, not many of us want to appear older than we are. On the contrary, many strive to appear younger and spend enormous amounts of money doing so.

Time to say goodbye to those under eye bags. Deflate and tighten. The only permanent solutions calls for surgery, but surgery is not always an option. There are many temporary fixes available. Sleep and hydration are quite helpful. There are also many do it yourself home remedies to experiment with. If you’re busy and in need of something quick and easy, try Plexaderm. Plexaderm visibly reduces under-eye bags in minutes. The Plexaderm effects can last up to 8 hours and can be reapplied as needed. Best of all, you can try Plexaderm risk free. You have nothing to lose, except your under-eye bags.